Carnival booths rental in Orange County

If you are looking for Carnival booths in Orange County then you reach the right place. Carnival booths cover all kinds of your events may it be a birthday or any kind of picnic at a different price range. We offer seven types of booths, stripe, concession, front, holiday, delixe, custom and festival booths.
Our key pro is price flexibility, which satisfies the need of both kinds of customers; those who want some inexpensive booths whilst others who want luxurious options.

Our economy booths are famous for their variety and versatility as they are available from $65.00 to $89.00.
There are three main categories of our economy booths, namely, cotton candy concession booth, nachos concession booths, and popcorn concession booths, which further has sub-categories.
For example, nachos concession booths are sub-categorized into nachos concession booth 5×5, and nachos concession booth 10′ x 10′.
Likewise, delixe range from $89.00 to $95.00. Delixe booths are also sub-divided into ten classes, namely, deluxe solid yellow carnival booth, deluxe solid green carnival booth, deluxe solid aqua carnival booth, deluxe red carnival booth, deluxe blue carnival booth, deluxe solid black carnival booth, deluxe solid purple carnival booth, deluxe solid orange carnival booth, deluxe solid red carnival booth and deluxe solid blue carnival booth.
Except, deluxe solid green carnival booth, deluxe solid yellow carnival booth, all deluxe carnival booths are $89.00, which make them a popular choice of customers.

Custom booth is also one of the most ordered booths and are sub-categorized into two options, volunteer booth, and jailhouse costume booth at prices $95.00 and $125.00 respectively.
If you are looking for traditional booths then no other than stripe booths are the best options for you.
The category of stripe booth is also sub-divided into seven types, namely, deluxe purple carnival booth , deluxe orange carnival booth , deluxe green carnival booth , traditional pink booth 10×10, traditional blue booth 5×5, traditional red booth 10×10, and 10 x 10 red and white carnival booth.