Can you imagine a carnival party with no amusement rides? Of course not, no matter the carnival party is at home or school we have a wide range of rides to meet all kinds of party demands. In fact, our rides are not specifically for carnival parties but are also suitable for Church event or block festivity. Our roundup ride is the most popular ride among schools kids.

Every summer season, we received quite a big number of requests for amusements rides because it is an amalgamation of amazement, terror, and excitement, which are perfect ingredients for the kids’ party. This is the reason why we named our roundup ride, an ecstasy ride. Our trackless train is the choice of kindergarten carnival party as well as birthday parties at home because small kids have a fascination for the train rides and to their appeal, we offer two types of rides, tiny tot train, and trackless mini express train.

The prices of both rides are different, so you need to call us in order to inquire about the prices for each ride. As the name shows, tiny tot train is for very small kids whereas trackless mini express train is designed for the big kids to give them real “Choo Choo” train experience through as electric Choo-Choo train. It has music facilities, which make kids’ ride a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Other rides are swing rides, merry go rounds, Ferris wheels, tubs of fun, the whirl, sizzler ride, and froghopper.

Bring the carnival to you for your next event in Orange County. We have an array of new carnival rides for your upcoming event. We carry all the classic carnival rides including ballistic swings, a rocking pirate ship, tubs of fun, wrecking ball, and more. We have a massive inventory of rides and attractions to entertain your guests at a company picnic, family day, church outing, town festival and more. Our carnival games are perfect for children and adults. We can provide the fun for everyone. Our carnival rides include a trained attendant to delivery, setup, operate and take down each attraction. Safe operation is paramount to a successful event. Our carnival rides come equipped with all of the safety features to ensure a great time had by all. These are much more than a kiddie ride; they delivers a breathtaking experience that is both thrilling for children and adults. Upon conclusion of the carnival ride, you may be a little dizzy, but that will soon go away after your laughs and giggles also stop. Kids will be begging to go again, while adults might say “never again”.