Pony Rides, Petting Zoo and Animal Shows in Orange County

We offer very unique hand-led pony birthday party, pony carrousel, petting zoo and exotic animal shows for your next Birthday Party, School Event, Social event in Orange County

Animals are kids’ first love irrespective of the age group they belong to, and our animal shows are primarily designed to satisfy kids love for animals. Among all animals, the place of ponies is distinctive as they are known to be kids’ friendly animal. The bond of loyalty and love between ponies and humankind is as old as life on earth.

Considering this fact, we offer pony rides, and pony carousel, which will spurt life at your party event. Providing entertainment to your kids through the animal show or pony ride is a unique idea, and by doing so, you can introduce a new trend in your family for kids’ fun and entertainment. We offer three broad categories of pony rides petting zoo and animal shows, namely exotic animals, petting zoo, and pony rides.

Exotic animals have always contained an element of suspense and curiosity for kids as well as adults, which is why the demand for this product is high as compared to the other categories. Exotic animals are the most suitable option to choose for school events where are in the mode of exploration. It will be 55 minutes live show having animals, such as lizards, tortoises and pet snakes.

You need to call us at least a week or two before your event because for an exotic animal show we have to make arrangements as we need an area which is partially covered and near to the parking area. However, a petting zoo is mostly demanded by the domestic customers for the birthdays of their kids or other family events because no special security arrangements are required for a petting zoo, unlike exotic animals.

So, surprise your kids as well as the guests you invite at your party by renting out our pony rides petting zoo and animal shows.